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commodity market is a market that trades in primary economic sector rather than manufactured products . There are 2 type of Commodity market 1 is Agri Commodity exchange is NCDEX where agricultural products such as wheat, kapas , and sugar are mostly treaded .And the other one is Non agri products Hard commodities such as ,Crude Oil ,Gold and Silver .

Technical Trading

Finally, the real purpose of commodity futures, or any futures contract for that matter, is to facilitate the transfer of risk from one entity to another. On either side of any deal there are two parties. Each party has a different outlook on the future. Each participant is willing to take on the risk of price increases or declines over time.

Fundamental Trading

That’s what makes commodity trading so intriguing. An investor can find someone that thinks very differently than they do, and are willing to take a position in a commodity that opposes their own viewpoint. For traders or speculators that like the rush of a good competition, there aren’t many investments more competitive than trading in commodities.

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